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Attention Previous Atlanta Federal Credit Union Members

As a friendly reminder, Family First Credit Union will be discontinuing the use of Atlanta Federal Credit Union ABA/Routing number 261171781 as previously stated at the beginning of 2021. Effective November 1, 2021, any checks, automatic payments, or deposits presented with the Atlanta Federal Credit Union ABA/Routing 261171781 will not be processed. You will need to notify and/or update any automatic payments and direct deposits with merchants to prevent disruption of payments or deposits that may lead to late fees, interruption of services, or any other additional fees with the correct ABA/Routing 261171781 before November 1, 2021.


Should you have any questions, please visit any of our branches or call us at (404)768-4980 or (770)667-8114


Thank you for being a member of Family First Credit Union.


Family First Credit Union